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5 Reasons To Visit Northern Italy

Of course, there are always many, many reasons to travel, especially to far off places with different cultures and exciting new landscapes. So when I say, “5 Reasons To Visit Northern Italy”, I’m conjuring up a very condensed list of a few of my favorite stops during my quick trip to Europe. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit again in the future and discover even more hidden gems scattered throughout this beautiful country.

1. The Beautiful Rolling Vineyards Of Tuscany

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Schedule a wine tour and spend the day sipping some of the finest wines in the world with beautiful backdrops like this.

2. A Famous Historical Structure In Pisa


The city itself is unique and charming, but stopping by the famous leaning tower for the classic “I’m holding it up” tourist photo is a must.

3. The Wonderful And Interesting Cusine


Try something new and out of your comfort zone to satisfy your adventurous taste buds. Search for establishments off the beaten path for a more cultural experience. I know gelato isn’t that adventurous, but look how delicious that looks!

4. The Unique And Charming City Of Venice


Start your day in Venice with the notion that you will get lost and take your time as you wander the skinny streets that are laced with bakeries, shops, and restaurants. Also, make sure to take a ride on the water at least once, because “when in Venice…”

 5. The Bustling City Of Florence


Museums, churches, and restaurants could keep you busy here for days. While you are exploring, definitely grab a photo overlooking the city at Piazzale Michelangelo.

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